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Diagnosis tools

wiTECH2.0 is the tool for diagnosing electronic systems on FCA vehicles.

Logo wiTECH2.0

The system consists of two parts:

  • Mopar Diagnostic POD - MDP (mandatory) - P/N 2076500281
  • Panasonic Laptop PC (optional) - P/N 2022204280

The components can be purchased separately.

To order wiTECH2.0, use the access to Spare Parts Catalogues, by selecting the entry My subscriptions on the red side bar on the top right on the main screen, after login.

For wiTECH2.0 use, please refer to the Standarzided Navigation menu, reading what is sequentially described in section 6. Vehicle diagnostics6.3. Integrated diagnostics, 6.3.1. With FCA HW and SW.