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Training courses

This website can be used by registered users to access the WEB Academy portal which manages aftersales training for FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, ABARTH and JEEP models.

Specific registration is needed to access training. Please send your request to

After having registered once again, you can use your specific credentials to log in and sign up for the online or traditional classroom training courses available in the catalogue.

The WEB Academy training courses are available for all FGA brands and are open to all authorised and independent repairers.
The programmes focus on developing characteristic aftersales skills to help independent repairers plan their own professional development and that of their personnel.

Each course is organised as follows:

  • Training for workshop professionals: these courses are targeted to the specific needs of various workshop professionals and aim at developing technical knowledge of the various vehicle systems.
  • Skills training: these courses are designed to develop the skills of personnel in charge of servicing the various motor vehicle systems.
  • Product-specific training: these courses develop the skills needed to provide assistance on specific FGA products and systems.

The yearly schedule is subject to change on the basis of corporate strategy, availability of trainers and classrooms and number of participants.